Albinea Canali’s Lambrusco is a unique wine that goes well with traditional local dishes but also modern and international cuisines. Discover its characteristic flavors and aromas!

Albinea Canali


Lambrusco is one of Italy’s oldest grape varieties, whose praises were sung by Virgil and which was present even in ancient times in the area between Mantua and Emilia, the Po and the Apennines. Naturally fizzy, well-balanced and lively – characteristics that render it unmistakable – this wine is ideal for serving with all the richly flavored food products and recipes of the Emilia/Po region, but also makes a creative accompaniment for the international cuisine of today. Thanks to its light, versatile style, it is also perfect for convivial meetings and aperitivi.

Cantina Albinea Canali is the interpreter par excellence of the taste and distinctive character of Lambrusco. It harvests its grapes in a small area that offers the highest quality in terms of soils and climate of the whole of the Province of Reggio Emilia, and transforms them into a wine that conquers the palate of even the most curious and demanding of consumers.

Cantina Albinea Canali
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